Free templates, guidance and support


At HCC we like to work in a slightly different way to most. Whilst we do charge for our services and contract work, we fundamentally believe in improving care for all.

We spend much of our time developing formats, systems and tools to empower staff in care homes, hospitals, homecare and supported living services. We want to share these with visitors to our website for FREE.


If you like what you find then please contact us to see how we can help you even more.

Guide to writing good care plans


Here is a useful document we have shared many times with our clients. It is a comprehensive and easy to read guide for writing good care plans.

Share it with your staff teams or use it for the basis of a care plan workshop.

Blank care plan template


This is a simple template that has been successfully adopted by a number of care and nursing homes we have worked with.

The Map of Life


The Map of Life is a useful tool to help your staff get to know your service users. It is a one page document developed by HCC that is easy to complete and puts a bit of colour around someone's life history.

Example care plan - Personal care


HCC provide your staff with practical guidance to make care plans come to life and tell a story about your service users. This is one example we came up with for a fictitious resident of a care home.